Two weeks at work…

In the two weeks I have worked as a MHPP I have learned a couple of things. First, don’t smoke. Nothing good comes from it. I see a woman in her 50’s, and believe it or not, that is not ver old, that cannot walk out of her apartment. Secondly, things are just things. Too many things will take over your life. Third, animals are good in small doses. Too many animals take over your life too. Only have the pets you can afford and have room for, otherwise, let them find a good home with someone else. You have good intentions by helping animals but you can lose your home and any quality of life by have too many animals.

This I have seen.


Quote of the day

“She has to look phenomenal.”
Your 5 year old self said as I was helping you put a clip in Barbie mermaid’s hair after your bath.

Mommy has a job!!

Yeah, now we can go to Disney World you said. Yes, soon, hopefully next spring around your birthday.

My office.
I’m a mental health paraprofessional. I like this. Great opportunity and I’m learning lots. Looking forward to continuing toward grief therapy though. This is not my ending point, even as a therapist. What I see here is not my goal. I want to focus on those who have lost a loved one, and teach death and dying. Gotta keep moving toward my goal.