Things do Change

We have moved. To Searcy on December 30. Harry is publisher at The Daily Citizen, which is why we moved.

I quit my mental health case manager job. I’m okay with that. I see it as a perfect opportunity to get my graduate degree. I applied to University of Central Arkansas but could not get my GRE taken in time and got the message Thursday I did not get my application completed in time for the deadline. Looks like back to ASU it is. Now I have switched gears and am trying to get a job at the Searcy or Beebe campus so I can get tuition at 50%.

I was worried about moving you in the middle of the school year. You cried on your first day, January 5. It was the first day back from Christmas holiday. Your new teacher assigned you a buddy to show you around. By the time I picked you up that afternoon you were fine with the new school. We have been back to Paragould a couple of times and you met up with friends from your old class at the movies and you were happy to see them. Now it is February and you don’t talk about them much at all. Kids adapt amazingly well.

Mamaw and Papaw miss having you around and picking you up from school. We miss having them so close too. REALLY miss them picking you up from school when we have something going on and need an extra hand or a babysitter. But we have adapted to that as well. We have been to their house a few times but that will stop when you start soccer in March. They said they will come watch you play.

Lots of change going on. Change is good. I’ll write more about our changes next time….