Moving Forward

University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Social Work, it will be for graduate school. I applied last minute when I realized the deadline had not passed. I was accepted to ASU as well but that drive is long. Plus, UALR has death and dying classes, it is my school. I cannot wait to get started learning the actual stuff I need to know to understand and help others, and myself a little, right? That is the whole point.

It was difficult, moving away from my parents and your grandparents, but I would not have gotten this opportunity without the move. It’s still hard. I know mamaw and papaw miss you so much and I miss you getting the interaction with them but this is our life and we will focus on the positives. It has changed a lot this year.

In April we took you to Disney World, wow–I’ll do a separate post on that–but it was the best time, we laughed so much. We bought a new house. We are moving in 16 June. The house on the hill. This is where you will grow up and graduate high school. After that, who knows where we will end up but we are settled for a good twelve years, and that sounds good

Keep moving forward.