Tidying Up

If you had asked me if I have a lot of clothes I would have said “No Way, I have a very small wardrobe.” And this is true, I actually wear very few different things but I was shocked to see how many clothes and shoes actually own.    After reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” I put all my clothes in one pile like she said and it is shocking to see them all. It really helped put what I wear and need into perspective. 
 A great book. I’m excited to continue getting rid of all the stuff. 


Visiting the Grandparents

We spent a couple of days with mamaw and papaw this week. Mamaw is sick but adjusting to the new no sodium diet. They are spending all their time together and driving each other crazy. Our visit was a nice change of pace for them.
We walked down Scrivner Lane enjoying the scenery and looking for fossils. We didn’t find any good fossils but your pocket was full by the time we got back. 

I grew up riding my bike up and down this road with Mike and Jeff. I remember riding through tall grass and getting cockleburs all in my hair and mom cutting them out. Gidget Scrivner lived down at the very end and we rode down to her house. When we were little it seemed like a long way away. Not so far now.