The Right Path

Today I took a different path to class because I went early to read in the library. I came across the Cooper Fountain and my heart smiled. My daughter, Cooper, sent me a message that I am on the right path. She was stillborn in 2007 and is why I am in grad school today. I will be an amazing grief therapist. I have an amazing helper leading the way. 




a sunflower memorial in Wynne.  

It’s hard to tell from the photo but the sunflowers continue along the highway for about 400 yards. 

Remembering Our Babies

I always say the name of a child when I see a memorial because that is what we want, for them to be acknowledged, for someone to know, to know that they were here and that they mattered.

I love these memorials at the zoo. What a great place for a child to be remembered.

These bricks are at a memorial at Craighead Forrest Park in Jonesboro. This one is for a baby born in 1973.

The statue is beautiful. The area is surrounded by flowers and benches. 

This family lost two daughters. 

My daughter Cooper was stillborn in 2007. The impact she has had on my life has been immeasurable. The choices I’ve made, the person I have become, attending graduate school, becoming a helper. I’m not sure what her memorial will be, I’m still working on that.